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TESSERACT. It's a 296 page, hard cover book (8.5"x11") with an eye catching dust jacket. There are 55 items (Click for table of contents). There's plenty of cards, but also coins, bills, rings, rubber bands, paper money, and an iPhone

There are a couple of Mentalism items and a Memorized deck effect. Mike's latest verion of Heisting Histed Heisted, version 3.0 is the ultimate in mind reading effects.



TESSERACT contains a wide selection of mostly close-up magic. There are 55 items illustrated using 336 photographs and explained in great detail.

Mike also provides the reader with access to FREE On-Line Video Instruction for all moves needed and more.


Click Here for the complete Table of Contents


Here's a brief description of just a few of the killer routines:

"New Jazz" - Jazz Aces with a surprise backfire ending

"The Lying Traveler" - A new ending for Marlo's "The Traveling Card."

"21 Again" - A super fast 21 Card trick that fools magicians as well as lay people.

"Small Packet I.C." - A free selection is added to a packet of four aces. It becomes "invisible" and returns to the deck.


"Way Too Many" - An extra card keeps returning to a packet of three cards. When the cards are given to a spectator, there's only one card! It's her selection.

"Cardial Infraction" - A killer gambling demonstration. After one shuffle the magician receives the four aces in a five handed game. With two more shuffles, the magician receives a Royal Flush in spades.

"The Fly" - As in the movie of the same name, a selection is transported from one "chamber" to another. But, as in the movie, the card's DNA is affected and it changes color.

"Boxed Surprise" - Each of six selections finds its way either under, in, or on top of the card box. At the end the deck disappears and is found to have returned to the box!

"Clarke's Third Law" - A strange sort of Matrix with a Star Trek theme involving the transporter.

"Ring Bandit" - A three phase rubber band routine using a one inch steel ring and a rubber band.

"The Money Game Revisited" - Allan Ackerman's favorite routine from TESSERACT. The spectator mixes seven envelopes which each contain a bill. There's a $100, a $50, a $20, a $10, a $5, a $2 and a $1 - one of each of the bills in US currency. After a lie/truth sequence the specator gets to keep one of the envelopes. It's the $1, but also inside the envelope is the spectator's signed selection!

"Heisting Histed Heisted 3.0" - This is the latest incarnation of Mike's "Heisting Histed Heisted" series. It's as close to real mindreading as you'll get.


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