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John Guastaferro gave a wonderful lecture for The Magician’s Forum LIVE!

"Truth In Advertising”: A masterfully constructed “blank” deck opener with a fun presentational hook. He also shares some ideas on how do a more consistent reverse fan.
“In the Dog House": A card is selected, 2 Jokers are placed in the box, the card turns over in the deck, it changes into the 2 jokers and ends up in the box.
"Club Sandwich": Two selections are chosen and found one at a time in between the 2 jokers and at the end they change positions. This is a classic of John G’s and is a nice sandwich routine with a nice kicker ending.
"Dr. Daley With Selections": The 2 Jokers and selections change places while in the spectators hands.

(John performs In the Dog House, Club Sandwich and Dr. Daley’s Last Trick all in one seamlessly woven together to make 5 minutes of solid magic. A set of three tricks using the jokers.)

“Hands Off Aces”: Two participants thoroughly cut and shuffle the deck, and together, they find the four Aces. You don’t even have to touch the deck! This is an updated version of this excellent effect.

“Biddleless”: A specator mentally selects a card from a fan. Their selection disappears from that packet and appears face up in the deck. The “Biddle Trick” without the biddle count.

“Spectral": A card is selected and lost in a small packet, it vanishes and the spectator choses where it will reapear in a ribbon spread.

"Hide and Seek": The jacks are hidden in a handful of different places all chosen by the spectator with one in the spectator's pocket. It’s kind of a version of open travellers where all 4 jacks switch places with the aces. This updated handling utilizes a principle that makes the handling more deceptive.

He also teaches his “Ballet Cut” and a few of it’s applications.

Magician John Guastaferro Download Lecture

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