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Invisible Deck


You remove from your pocket an "invisible" deck of playing cards. It's an imaginary deck. Clearly you're just miming. There’s lots of scope here for some very funny bits (that actually date back to Vaudeville). Miming taking them from the box, shuffling them, accidentally dropping one etc. Then you hand them to the spectator who mimes taking one out and reversing it in the deck. You ask the spectator to box the cards and hand them back to you. Instantly, they appear to become visible. But, when they were invisible you asked the spectator to turn a card over in the deck. You ask them to name that card. Very slowly and cleanly, with no funny moves, you remove the deck from the box, spread through them and one card is face down in the spread. The spectator then removes the card. It is the only face down card. it is, of course, their freely selected card. All that remains is for you to enjoy the applause, praise and admiration of your peers.


Invisible Deck magic Trick

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