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The FIRST episode of @BasicsOfMagic Vlog is LIVE with @MagiciansFourm Rudy Tinoco

This weeks show ( Brought to you by: Zucchini’s Tricks and things) is .. The FIRST show. And this show i decided to bring on a good friend and Magician and founder of, Rudy Tinoco ( TIN NO CO) Hey is picky about his name. Rudy and I used to do a show like this show almost a year ago. I love having Rudy on because he is a real pro in front of the camera, which means I don’t have to work too hard.

This week we talked about the BASICS of Magic. Below is info about Rudy and the If you are wanting to learn magic, and you do get into learning magic, I highly recommend joining this site. Now, enjoy the show and make sure to visit us on to learn magic, purchase magic tricks, and Hire a Virtual Magician for your next Zoom or Virtual party or meeting .

Here is a little about Rudy:

Rudy Tinoco is a magician and musician based in the Portland, Oregon area. He has been performing magic more than 20 years. His magic has been featured in Magic Magazine as well as Reel Magic Magazine. He specializes in close-up card magic, but has the ability to entertain a crowd of hundreds with his stage show.

Rudy sees magic as a way to not only entertain and amaze his audiences, but as a way to interact with people in such a way that they feel like they are a integral part of the magic…which they are!

Please take a moment and watch the videos of his performances. You will see how Rudy’s casual, but very calculated and deceptive performance style, engages and amazes those who fall under his spell.

This is a reminders that Gracie Morgan will be giving her third lecture for The Magician's Forum this Saturday, May 30th at 2pm (Pacific)! Her past lectures for TMF have been absolutely fantastic and well worth the small entrance fee.

Gracie has been performing Sleight of Hand for 50 years and teaching it for over 35 years. She's performed well over 200 shows at the Magic Castle, lectured there 3 times on the performance of Sleight of Hand and performed and lectured at 3 World Wide Magic Conventions.

Her friends have included Mike Skinner, Darwin Ortiz, Larry Jennings, Martin Nash, Jon Racherbaumer, Michael Vincent, and Ron Bauer.

This lecture will include material for beginners as well as experts. And here's something special--Gracie will be discussing Key Cards. In particular, a very special Key Card idea that has been buried in print for decades.

"[Gracie Morgan] is an exceptional Sleight of Hand expert and even more exceptional in her ability to teach what she knows to others." -- Darwin Ortiz

"The level of attention to detail that [Gracie] brings to the study of card magic is simply astounding. I have been greatly inspired by [Gracie's] thinking and thought process. ---Michael Vincent

The cost for this lecture is only $5.99. Please send payment (via PayPal) directly to . You will then receive the Zoom link to join the conference call.

Rudy Tinoco

Instagram: @themagiciansforum

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