Resources For Beginners in Magic (The value of books)

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

By: Magician RayJ

All beginners have to begin somewhere

Technology has opened up new possibilities such as e-books, DVDs, instant downloads and even live Skype sessions. While there are still some brick-and-mortar magic shops, many people purchase props and learning resources through online dealers. There will always be a desire to buy the "latest and greatest". The marketing surrounding magic effects is strong and the promotional videos tend to make most any trick seem like a miracle. When you are starting out, I urge you to consider value over hype, choose substance over style. A good book can cost around the same amount as that new "internet sensation" effect, yet yield dozens of useful sleights and routines. If you spend $40.00 on a cool gadget, you have one trick. Spend that same amount on a good book or a DVD and you will likely have enough magic for multiple performances. If you learn and use ten tricks out of the book or video, you've invested $4.00 each. That's a better value and what you learn will stay with you long after the gadget ceases to be so cool and ends up breaking or in the bottom of a drawer.

Many beginners have a limited budget that they can spend on magic. Choose wisely to get the most out of your investment.

Many popular magic books are long out of print but many remain in circulation and many of those that are not available in printed form can be purchased as e-books.

There is nothing wrong with e-books and actually they have a number of advantages over printed books. They don’t age, you can often do word searches in order to find a forgotten trick, they can sometimes incorporate helpful videos and a multitude of photos very effectively.

Collecting and studying good magic instruction can form the foundation of a lifelong passion and pursuit.

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