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Written By Magician Alan Haden

In this modern world of technology and instant connection magic is more powerful than ever. With nothing more than a deck of cards and a few basic tricks we can create an experience so memorable that it will last for a lifetime - magic is that powerful! Our task as magicians is to take the audience on a journey and give them a gift that is unique. Something that money cannot buy, something that cannot be seen on a screen, or downloaded a thousand times - no, our job is to reconnect people with the magic of moment and a feeling of astonishment. Remember that one of the first and most important lessons we are taught as beginners in the art of magic is: "

" If we repeat a trick for somebody it is no longer a unique experience... and for me this lesson is a reminder that real magic is about creating a moment so magical that it will become etched in the hearts and minds of those who experience it, forever. Alongside this it is equally important to remember that each audience and performing situation we encounter is also unique. Therefore as magicians we need to be aware of the people we perform for and remember to interact with them as individuals, rather than just perform our tricks at them. As magicians we are in a powerful position. We have the ability to take an ordinary deck of playing cards and create extraordinary moments of astonishment for all involved. It is only a matter of where and how we focus our attention – real magic is the art of communication, and together with our audience we can create the most magical of experiences. Magic reminds us that every experience and every person we encounter are unique!

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Written By Magician Alan Haden

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