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Magician John Carey Super Session Download READY!

If you missed the John Carey’s Super Session DON’T WORRY! The download of the whole session is HERE! 

   John Carey’s Super Session DOWNLOAD from Saturday, August 29th at 2pm    The online video DOWNLOAD will be devoted to 3 topics:  

1. Carey on the Pass! Nine different versions of this legendary sleight will be performed and taught in John’s inimitable style.   2. False Shuffles! You can never have too many tools in your card toolbox. John will present ten different false shuffles, including some you’ve never seen!   3. Coins R Us! John will then put the cards away and perform and discuss some of his favorite work with coins. Topics covered will include productions, vanishes, coins across, spellbound, a one coin routine and so much more!   But that’s not all! After a ten minute break, John will then hung out with us in a breakout session and allowed us to personally ask him questions, get the answers, and have fun!   Tickets for this DOWNLOAD ARE $15 To purchase your download GO HERE!

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