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Magic & Performance coach Chris Herren as Faust

Today and spotlight our newest Magic and performance coach, Vintage Cirqúe Magician & Pantomime Artist Chris Herren as Faust.

One of the biggest reason we started this virtual magic lesson's platform is because as a performer of stage and screen of 39 years, I saw the need to have a place that people that wanted to learn magic could come BUT also a place when you gain the knowledge of performing as well. Anyone can do a trick, but not everyone can perform magic. So we decided to invite magician that not only had magic skills, but performing skills. So today's spotlight is on a friend and fellow performer that has entertained audiences around the world. Ladies and gentleman of every age, The Magic & Performance of Magician and master entertainer, Chris Herren as Faust

Also if you are looking to really boost your magic and performance skills, BOOK CHRIS for a Private session.


Chris Herren as Faust is a member of the two foremost prestigious magic organizations in the world. The Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA and The Magic Circle in London, England.

His cirque-style performance has won him two international competition awards and the coveted 2018 & 2019 (PCAM) Pacific Coast Association of Magicians, 1st Place Gold Medal Award in Parlor Magic.

He has made acclaimed performances at the world famous, Jeff Mcbride's Wonderground in Las Vegas, Ron Saylor's Celebrities of Magic, Scot Nery's Boobie Trap LA, Magic Monday LA, and the Magic and Meaning Conference in Las Vegas.

Here’s what some Legendary Magician’s have to say about Faust:

"Chris Herren as Faust weaves the ancient art of Magic and Pantomime, into a rich tapestry of illusion and enchantment"

- Jeff McBride.

"The Chris Herren as Faust Experience offers a cirque style performance filled with mime, music, and magic that tantalizes the mind and delights the senses."

- Paul Draper.

Learn from Chris Herren as Faust!


Signature Routines

Customized virtual lessons that will teach you secrets to his award winning magic act. He will also include a live performance of some of his signature routines, for your personal study.

The Art of Movement & Gestures

If you seek wisdom beyond tricks, you can instead, choose to focus your lessons on the Art of Movement & Gestures. Here you will learn how these techniques can create powerful and emotional connections with the audience. He will discuss that these connections lead to magical experiences that go beyond any trick or gimmick.

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