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This weeks show ( BasicsOfMagic.com Brought to you by: Zucchini’s Tricks and things) is .. This show i decided to bring on an amazing magician, performer, and coach Bruce Gold BruceGold.com.

This week we talked about the BASICS of Magic. Below is info about Bruce Gold. Now, enjoy the show and make sure to visit us on BasicsOfMagic.com to learn magic, purchase magic tricks, and Hire a Virtual Magician for your next Zoom or Virtual party or meeting .

I met Bruce for the first time a couple years ago at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Now when I say "Met" what I meant to say was, I had no choice as he called me up, not knowing it was me, to be a volunteer for a magic trick. Needless to say watching and being in Bruce's show that night made me a huge fan ever since. The reason being is that I like performers over folks who are technicians. Don't get me wrong, magic and skill should go hand and hand and Bruce has the skill level ... hands down. But the ease of his performance and he ability to spot funny in the audience is just masterful.

Read about Bruce, enjoy the show and go to Bruce's website, and Facebook and ENGAGE !



About The Bruce Gold Show:

The Bruce Gold show is a weekly comedy, variety talkshow hosted by Hollywood stand-up comedian and magician, Bruce Gold. It’s an alchemy of fun and fascinating interviews presented with family friendly humor and a little hocus-pocus. In a world where comedy often steps over the edge, Bruce says his show is, “Less OMG! And more LOL!” Adding, "I still remember watching the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and how masterful he was at mining humor from the simplest things without ever stepping over the line." Bruce also shares something in common with his talkshow idol. Both he and Carson got their start as magicians. Bruce is a favorite with audiences at Hollywood’s famous Magic Castle and he promises to include a few tricks on the show from time to time.

About Bruce Gold

Bruce Gold has been conjuring up laughter and astonishment for more than three decades as a stand-up comedian, magician, host and actor. He’s a regular performer at Hollywood’s famous Magic Castle and his television appearances include, Penn & Teller’s Fool Us, Master’s of Illusion, Evening at the Improv, the sitcom Full House and he was even a guest on Oprah. Bruce has also appeared in Las Vegas and aboard the world’s top luxury cruise lines, but you may best remember him from his comic role as the magician in an award winning “got milk?” television commercial.

Variety Magazine called Bruce, “A funny man of considerable charm” and Seinfeld actor, Jason Alexander, is a fan, saying; “Bruce is remarkably funny. He does brilliant magic and has an authentic connection with his audience.”

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