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Is learning Magic popular again?, YOU BET IT IS!

Magic is making a comeback and is now trending on social media. However, the reason behind its resurgence might surprise you. After conducting extensive research on the subject, professional magician Will Roberts, who has been in the business for 42 years, has discovered some interesting insights.

On popular social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, magic tricks have become a sensation, with magicians garnering substantial followings by showcasing their tricks and illusions. These magicians employ a variety of techniques like storytelling, humor, and unique presentation styles to captivate their audiences.

YouTube has numerous channels dedicated to magic, where magicians post videos of their performances, tutorials, and behind-the-scenes content. The most popular magic channels on the platform include Magic Murray, Chris Ramsay, and Evan Era TV.

On Instagram, magicians showcase their skills using short-form videos and photos, often using hashtags like #magictrick, #magician, and #illusionist to reach a wider audience and increase engagement.

TikTok has also emerged as a popular platform for magicians to showcase their tricks, employing music and visual effects to enhance their performances. Magicians like Magic Singh, Justin Flom, and Julian Magic have become hugely popular on the platform.

The popularity of magic tricks on social media platforms demonstrates the unique and entertaining nature of this art form that can captivate the imagination and attention of audiences.

If you want to learn magic tricks, check out, where you can find fun tutorial sections to get started. Stay tuned to this blog for more updates on the world of magic and how to get involved in performing it.


For more information, contact Magician Will Roberts at or call 1-866-Magic11


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