top of page magic show. Today: Magician John Bannon !

This weeks show ( Brought to you by: Zucchini’s Tricks and things) is. Magician John Bannon ! Writer for Genii Magazine.

John will be 1 of 4 top magician's on the Magician's Forum Live #2. August 7th and 8th!

Tickets are $10 dollars, CLICK HERE to get a ticket for this Digital event.

John is known for his popular books Impossibilia [1990], Smoke and Mirrors [1992], and Dear Mr. Fantasy [2005]. After being out of the spotlight for a number of years, he recently teamed up with the UK’s Big Blind Media to produce two internationally bestselling DVDs, Bullets After Dark and Bullet Party.

CLICK HERE to get a ticket for this Digital event. He has a range of “fractal” packet tricks and self-published a number of smaller, but nevertheless acclaimed paperback books. Rumor has it that a book of mentalism is waiting in the wings as well.

This week we talked about the BASICS of Magic. Below is info about John Bannon . Now, enjoy the show and make sure to visit us on to learn magic, purchase magic tricks, and Hire a Virtual Magician for your next Zoom or Virtual party or meeting .

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CLICK HERE to get a ticket for this Digital event.

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