Zoomfield Follies Magic Bag! 

Introducing the Zoomfield Follies Magic Bag! 

This awesome bag of magic will appear at your doorstep every month, and be holding the secrets of age old magic that you can amaze and amuse your friends with.  You and your family will be part of a magic club and have access to a monthly magic lesson on our Zoomfield Follies zoom channel live Magic Camp.  We selected some of the top magicians and family entertainers to bring you tis exciting club, magic show, and live magic camp each month. Plus you will get a Magic Bag each month packed with magic you can learn and show your friends..



Our team of magic/performers have been entertaining and teaching  kids for over  50 years. Will Roberts spent 20 years teaching kids  in a world rebounded  Musicial theater school. Will also spent 7 years as a FOX KIDS CLUB HOST on TV and performers with the world famous Cirque du Soleil. 

Jonathan Molo has trained ...

Chris  Herren Has ...

Rudy Tinoco .. is the founder of the Magicians Forum ...

Why we do what we do:

All Magicians agree that when we learned magic it changed our lives. Not only because it made us the most entertaining person in the room, but magic is fun, and if you are shy or need a little confidence booster, magic is it!  


Some of the other benefits of learning magic

manual dexterity

sharpen motor skills

Confidence Builder

STEM-based learning

Great way to bring the family together.

Oh, and did I say, makes you popular?


What do you get when you sign up:

Each Zoomfield magic bag contains 3 to 4 magic tricks and magic secrets.  Also, we have a video library and hundreds of magic books that range from the 1800's to the 1900's.  But the real exciting thing you get is the monthly Zoomfield Follies LIVE Zoom show/Magic camp access. This broadcast/lesson is something that only Magic bag members get. We will jump on a live monthly Zoom broadcast and teach everyone the tricks you got in your magic bag in the mail. We will also add bonus tricks and performance tips.  All of our teachers are members of the the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA



The "Old Is New Again" videos - Rudy Tinoco TheMagiciansForum.com    

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