Variety Performers FAQ’s

1. What is The Variety Performers insurance?

The Variety Performers organization dedicated to safety and professionalism.   The cost for an annual membership, which includes comprehensive reenactment insurance,$2 million per occurence and $5 million aggregate, is just $90.   All members are included by covered by The Variety Performers comprehensive insurance, which includes BOTH liability and EXCESS MEDICAL INSURANCE. 



2. Why do I need to join The Variety Performers to get my insurance?
The Variety Performers is an organization for Variety Performer interested in having access to affordable reenactor insurance. Currently, our members include Magicians, Puppetry, Jugglers, Story Tellers, Balloon Artist, Clowns ...

The Variety Performers buying power provides us with the opportunity to have low insurance rates while offering the individual The Variety Performers comprehensive coverage. We provide BOTH liability and excess medical coverage to you.  This is a truly unique offering NO OTHER Variety Performers INSURANCE AVAILABLE COVERS YOU PERSONALLY!!!  Our insurance is not accessible to an individual, rather it is only available through our affiliation with Shoff Darby Insurance. However, by simply joining our group and following the  Safety Rule Standards you can benefit from the freedom, coverage, and savings our group provides.

The Variety Performers makes the insurance process simple.  You just need to complete one short form to be completely covered.



3. I am already in a group. How is this impacted by joining The Variety Performers? But it is also a Variety Performers organization dedicated to safety and historical professionalism that provides comprehensive insurance coverage to its members, which includes BOTH personal injury and liability insurance coverage. Since The Variety Performers’s insurance coverage is so comprehensive it enables you to  Variety Performers which you are a member, but you can also reenact in a friend’s group, or alone at a school or organization. Membership in The Reenctors Group enables you the flexibility and freedom to enjoy any other group or opportunity available to you while reenacting.



4. What is included in the insurance coverage?
The Variety Performers offers you complete insurance coverage. Whether you are performing with your group at your event or another organization’s event, you are covered. You are even covered if you decide to reenact with a friend’s group for the day or at a school since our coverage goes where you go.  Plus, the coverage includes BOTH personal injury and liability insurance, so you can performer with confidence.

When at events hosted by other organizations, our liability insurance  covers you. This is an item we are very proud of and a great offering of liability insurance for reenactors who do school programs as a business, and above all individual reenactment units. Your membership provides you with $2 million coverage per occurrence and a general aggregate of $5 million dollars.  In addition, this policy includes $2 million for products-completed operations aggregate, $2 million personal and advertising injury, $2 million legal liability to participants, $300,000 damage to premises rented to you, and $5,000 for excess medical payments for participants ($100 per claim deductible applies).



5. What will I receive as confirmation of membership and insurance coverage?
You will be emailed a certificate of insurance directly from the insurance company that can be used as proof of coverage at events for as long as you remain a member of The Variety Performers.  You can also get additionally insured certificates at no additional charge for events you are attending on our website in the Member Services section.



6. What is ineligable?
As long as your performance is Variety Performers ( Magicians, Puppetry, Jugglers, Story Tellers, Balloon Artist, Clowns ...) , and you follow safety standards, then you are eligible for coverage under The Variety Performers insurance policy.



7. Are there any hidden fees or additional charges?
No. The annual fee of $90 is all it costs for complete insurance coverage.



8. Who can I contact with specific insurance questions?
Please feel free to send us your questions, and we will get you an answer. If the question is better suited for one of our insurance agents, then we will have them respond to you directly. We always want to ensure you get the most accurate information possible.

Or call Will Roberts - 702-481-5829



9. How do I cancel my membership?
In order to provide continuity of service and insurance coverage, your membership will automatically renew annually based on the payment information you provide.  If you would like to cancel your membership and discontinue your insurance, then simply contact us via email at least 30 days prior to your annual date of renewal. Upon receipt of your email, you should hear from us within 5 business days confirming your cancellation. You can join again at any time to reinstate your complete coverage while performing at events.



10. Do you have more questions?

Then please send us an email at we love to talkVariety Performing and answer your questions.  Looking forward to hearing from you! Or call Will Roberts the President at 702-481-5829