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Learn a magic trick in 5 minutes or less

Five Minute Magic lessons

Magician/ Actor Will Roberts



In A Nutshell

Learn magic tricks in five minutes or less, amaze and amuse your friends, and be the life of the party! Plus be remembered wherever you go! 

Favorite Quote

"Magic is the only honest profession. A magician promises to deceive you and they do." – The Great Karl Germain


Are you shy and want to meet people? Do you want to be the life of the party?| By learning magic, you can amaze and amuse your friends, meet people, and break the ice in any situation. | By learning simple magic tricks with items from your home in five minutes or less, you can be popular at parties, bars, clubs, or anywhere! |


Will Roberts is a Magic Castle and Magic Circle UK magician, actor, and former Cirque du Soleil act. Roberts will teach you how to do easy and baffling magic that you can start performing right away, which is great for building self esteem, confidence and making friends! 



Learning Magic is FUN! 

Magic has been a longtime way to make people interesting, gain confidence in yourself, and become popular!

Here is a quick awesome trick: Spoon bend. 

Show a spoon ( at home or restaurant ) as solid. Then take the spoon or fork press down on table and boom watch it bend. Then in a flash! It is back to normal and you can pass it out! 

Trick: get a regular spoon or fork. As you can see by the picture ( or video) the fingers cover the front of the utensil and the #2 image shows you that you let the handle stay upright. However, the illusion from the FRONT hides what is happening in the back. I still do this as a professional Magician. 


Learning magic tricks is easy 

All of the magic I will teach you is very simple to learn and perform, and the effect it will have on your friends, family and strangers is amazing! | Reading a magic book or watching a magician do a trick without a proper explanation is often a useless way to learn magic. The reason is understanding magic and performing it takes someone that can show you and explain all the things you can not get from reading it or having a magician that performs magic well, but does not teach it well, like MOST youtube videos. 


My method: 

I show the trick ( Watch video ) 

I show how it is done (watch video) 

I show you again with a back view, so you can see it from the magicians view.

Then I give you stories or ideas on how to perform it, (Via Video)  all in 5 mins or less! 



Many people lack confidence, but learning magic can help (#topic1, #topic2)

In this day and age, it seems like the top issue for both young and old people is confidence — dealing with people eye to eye. | Most of this problem might be due to phones. We are all hooked on our phones, and we can not gain confidence or meet and create relationships if we are always looking down at our phones.| We also cannot connect to new friends if we are looking down. |


Treat everyone like it is the first time you met. On a first date, for example, would you look around and stare at your phone, or would you meet them eye-to-eye?| 


The amount of young people who lack of self-esteem and is staggering. This all stems from too much time on the phones, COVID-19, and other factors that have stopped the growth of social engagement. |


Learning magic will help you gain confidence, gain awareness of your surroundings, and look people straight in the eyes.


Magic is fun and learning it and performing it is a blast! Magic will help you gain confidence and be the life of the party anywhere. You will amaze and amuse people, make friends, and be popular!| Magic will help you gain confidence, be more aware of your surroundings, and meet people face-to-face. 

- Will Roberts 

Amaze and Amuse your friends with magic!

Be the life of the party !

Gain Confidence !

Amaze & Amuse your friends & family

Never be SHY again ! 

GREAT for both Kids & Adults!

Learn to do Magic in 5 minutes or less!  Impress your friends and family.  A GREAT way to crush your shyness, meet NEW FRIENDS, and gain amazing CONFIDENCE! For Kids and Adults. 


Online Instructional Magic classes are filled with easy to learn magic for everyone, not matter what your age or skill level. 

Plus Will gives you LIVE help if needed. 


Taught by  Will Roberts.  Will is a professional magician with 42 years of experience, he is also a member of the exclusive magic club, The Magic Castle and the Magic Circle UK.  Get all the basics including Slight of Hand, Cards, Coins and Presentation. 

  • Become an instant magician

  • Perform SIMPLE & AMAZING magic tricks right away!

  • Magic with everyday objects from home

  • become a master in impromptu magic

  • amaze & Amuse your friends & Family!

  • Be the star at any party!

  • Gain Confidence! 

Join the Magic club and get easy to do magic every week! 

Learn Magic in 5 minutes

NEW Magic added every week!

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