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Who Are We

Parlor Tricks

Take an enchanted journey into the world of

Faust and The Honest Huckster and venture into a rabbit hole of

Peculiar Magic & Victorian Style Parlor


With Faust you will experience a whimsical world of

pantomime, peculiar magic, and

heartwarming storytelling that delights the

soul. With the Honest Huckster you will see a genuine Medicine show huckster that might have been roaming the 1800’s and the wild wild west. This is truly a unique act. The honest huckster is the Bat Masterson of magic. Ropes, Whips ( Gun spinning ) all the skills of a time gone by. Indulge in a style of magic that harkens

the days of a bygone era and be forever



Together Faust and The Huckster bring you a show like you have never seen before! 

Welcome to the parlor

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