About Variety Performers Insurance


We originally created Variety Performers Insurance because we are Variety Performers interested in ensuring safe practices and professionalism in our own work. We wanted an easy place to find reliable insurance and to form a group of individuals that want to preserve and protect our industry in these trying entertainment times. 


One of our main objectives was to secure an A++ rated insurance carrier that would provide reliable and consistent coverage at extremely affordable rates.  CHECK!


Another goal was to make getting insurance so simple that we could spend less time doing paperwork and more time doing what we do best, performing.  CHECK!


Finally, we wanted to share this insurance with other Variety Performers committed to safety who need insurance and want the process to be simple because we believe in STRENGTH IN NUMBERS. CHECK!


Variety Performers Group is now a paid-membership based group of like-minded performers.  It is open to individual Variety Performers and its members committed to both safety and professionalism.


UPDATE: Recently our growing numbers of committed  performers has allowed The Reenactors Group to secure higher coverage limits at the same outstanding membership rates.

For just $48 a year members enjoy $2 million per occurrence and $5 million aggregate general commercial liability coverage with a unique excess medical line that covers the member personally.

AS OF April 1, 2019 the insurance will go up to 48 a year (April to March 31) ! 

This coverage is carried by EACH of our members and goes with you no matter what historical genre you represent or type of event in which you are participating.  Let’s keep history alive and safe!

IF YOU EAMIL US YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR PHONE NUMBER… this information can be very difficult to understand and I will need to speak to you on the phone.

Will Roberts


The Reenactors Group